Bad ass honey badger

Then again, neither do a lot of things written about the honey badger. If you believe everything you read, this mighty mustelid beats up lions before breakfast and stops bullets in their tracks. Honey badgers, or ratels, have a wide distribution over both Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. The African subspecies share their habitat with large predators like lions , leopards , and hyenas , so they need to. Are honey badgers dangerous? Well, that mostly depends on what kind of animal you are.
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Honey Badger is a badass :)

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In the last couple of weeks, several faithful e-mailers have correctly called me out on the fact that I haven't written about too many badass animals recently. Now for those of you who are looking at that cute, adorable little angry toothy maw and are thinking to yourselves that this cuddly killing machine would be more fitting as a teddy bear than a murderous demon from the blackest darkness of Lucifer's ballsack, I should mention that the picture above was taken as he was charging a jeep that he thought was invading his territory. He's so fearless that he just doesn't give a crap. Sure, the Honey Badger isn't the hugest guy out there — at three and a half feet long and thirty pounds he's roughly the size of the medium dog, and he kind of looks like a skunk that's cracked-out on PCP, but the Ratel is easily one of the most hardcore creatures plaguing the earth today. I suppose the best way to begin illustrating my point would be with one of the most badass YouTube videos you'll ever see. I'll preface the clip by disclaiming that this video is NSFW, but only if your workplace frowns on things that make you so pumped up that you want to run out and start tearing your co-workers' jugulars out with your teeth.
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The Honey Badger

We don't know who Randall is, but we do know that he's the best damn wildlife narrator in history. If you watch this video and don't immediately go to the Animal Human Society and adopt a cat, you have no soul. File this one under worst hobby ever. This guy voluntarily injects himself with pure Black Mamba venom.
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